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Buying Bulk Turkish Apricots

Bulk turkish apricots are one of the best types of apricots you can buy in the world. Turkey is one of the leading countries in the export and production of apricots, and there are some points to consider when buying bulk turkish apricots. Therefore, we will share with you some important information. Most of the apricots […]

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Bulk turkish apricots are one of the best types of apricots you can buy in the world. Turkey is one of the leading countries in the export and production of apricots, and there are some points to consider when buying bulk turkish apricots. Therefore, we will share with you some important information. Most of the apricots grown in Turkey come from the Malatya region. Due to the ecology and location of the province of Malatya, apricots that are grown fascinate their taste.

Does Apricot Origin Matter

When buying bulk turkish apricots, many factors such as growing conditions, taste, color, fullness, and juiciness of apricots can be different. Also, the characteristics of apricot grown in each country may show differences according to the country where it is grown. For example, let’s look at the most preferred California and Turkish apricots. Turkish apricots are juicy, sweet, yellowish, and plump; California apricots are dark orange, sour, and not very plump.

Why are Turkish Apricots Better

We mentioned that turkish apricots are the most preferred apricots. This is because Turkish apricots taste sweet. While you are eating, you feel its fullness and enjoy the juicy fruit. Many apricots in the world are not dry and plump, and some are even sour-sweet. Therefore, if you prefer sweet apricot-like many people, turkish apricots will be the best choice. Since the location of apricots grown in Turkey, namely Malatya province, is a very convenient province for growing apricots, exports are provided to the whole world.

What Color are Turkish Apricots?

There are varieties of apricots and many factors such as taste, color and juiciness vary in these varieties. Turkish apricots are yellowish and orange in color. California apricots are dark orange and can be confused with Turkish apricots. That’s why you have to be careful. The apricots are dried as a whole and the seeds of the apricots are removed later. Its flesh is thicker and fuller than other apricot varieties. It retains more moisture than fruits that are cut in half and dried.

How to Store Dried Turkish Apricots

Each product has certain storage conditions, and this also applies to the apricots you buy in bulk from Turkey. After buying bulk turkish apricots, storage conditions are very important. If a few points are not taken into consideration for the bulk apricots we want to store, the collected apricots may not preserve the freshness and flavor of the first day. These points are temperature, humidity, sunlight, and foreign odors. The concept of temperature is a point we pay attention to when storing many products. When we buying bulk turkish apricots, these apricots can stay at normal room temperature for a while. However, it will be healthier to keep it in the refrigerator for longer storage. Because apricots can harden, darken in color and lose their nutritional value. Generally, sealed bags can be stored for more than about 1 month at room temperature and up to 6 months in the refrigerator. You should avoid humid environments when storing apricots. Excessive humidity in the environment is not suitable for storing apricots. So, make sure the area where you store it is a ventilated environment. Another important factor is sunlight. You should not expose your stored apricots to direct sunlight. The reason for this is that the quality of apricots exposed to sunlight is adversely affected. Sunlight allows the dried apricots to warm up and dry even more. Staying in a humid environment while being exposed to sunlight may cause the formation of microorganisms. No matter how much you pay attention to these points, if you do not pay attention to foreign smells, the quality of your apricots will not be the same as before. Foreign odors can ruin the charming smell of apricot, negatively affect its quality. To avoid this, avoid storing apricots near foreign and unpleasant odors such as chemicals, exhaust.

Health and Nutrition Benefits of Apricots

The benefits of apricot are quite high thanks to the flavonoids, vitamins, and potassium it contains. Flavonoids contained in apricots, the inflammation in the body may decrease, and thanks to the flavonoids, your veins become stronger and protected. Thanks to the potassium it contains, your nervous and muscular system is regulated, your blood pressure and heart health are protected. The skin protection feature of apricot is a well-known fact, especially by women. Thanks to the vitamins C and E and other antioxidants it contains, it beautifies and strengthens the skin layer. In addition, apricots have a high amount of water, so if you want to moisturize your skin, you can eat apricot. The eyes are one of the most important organs in our body. We can say that the organ that needs the most care and attention is our eyes. Apricot improves eye health thanks to the carotene it contains and vitamins A and E. You want to support your retina, lens health, and overall vision, you can consume apricot. Everybody knows that the nutrients in apricot reduce the risk of cataracts. The best friend of the digestive system is undoubtedly the apricot. Apricots are a portion of food with plenty of fiber while helping your digestive system. Thanks to its fibrous structure, it plays an active role in helping your digestive system retain enough water, the development of beneficial bacteria, and determining the level of healthy intestinal bacteria.

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