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How to Find Suppliers from Turkey

If you are not going to sell your handcrafted products in your store, you need to find a reliable supplier to provide the products to you. Finding a supplier is often known as a difficult process because it is really difficult to find a reliable, quality supplier. Even if it is found, it is very […]

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If you are not going to sell your handcrafted products in your store, you need to find a reliable supplier to provide the products to you. Finding a supplier is often known as a difficult process because it is really difficult to find a reliable, quality supplier. Even if it is found, it is very important to understand it at points such as price and shipment. Finding suppliers from Turkey has become easier lately, for several reasons. We will share these reasons with you and highlight the points you need to pay attention to.

Visit Trade Shows and Fairs

Finding a supplier is just one of the most important things to do after starting a business. Trade shows and fairs are very important events both for suppliers and for those looking for suppliers. In this way, you can get information by contacting that supplier after the event. Here, many manufacturers gather under one roof and display their products. Such events are very popular all over the world and many people find their suppliers from these events. The reason for this is that you can meet the supplier one-on-one at these events, see their work and learn about their experiences. Before going to fairs or shows, do not forget to make an appointment with the suppliers you see closer to you because you will need a quality time interval to talk about the business conditions and to talk about the business in detail.

Turkish Trade Shows and Fairs

When you try to find suppliers from Turkey, the first place you can look to find suppliers is Turkish trade shows and fairs. However, it is very important to do pre-show research before finding suppliers at these fairs and shows. As a result of your research, when you go to that exhibition, you will know who you can talk to about what subject. Research what interests you from the attendees posted a few days before the event and decide who you’ll meet. Sometimes the companies that organize the shows can reach you through some forms. In this way, you can try to plan meetings with suppliers. Remember that your competitors will also try to meet you. Secondly, you should research your suppliers well. First, start by looking at the suppliers you catch your eye on at these fairs or shows. See if it is featured in exhibitions that were held in the past. You can consider this factor to understand whether you are a newcomer to the industry or an old and experienced supplier. If possible, try to get stand numbers, product prices, and product information from the company planning the organization. This will save you time. Another point is that you should pay attention when ordering when you attend a fair. When making wholesale orders at such fairs, the price and delivery may be interesting for you. However, you should think again about the purchase criteria and your obligations. So do not be hasty. Avoid making quick decisions at fairs or shows and go for a few laps. Meanwhile, review the exhibitors and their products, categorize the exhibitors and decide on the suppliers closest to you. We mentioned that you need to research the fairs. However, you should continue your research while the fair continues. While visiting fairs or shows, you should do as much research as you can about the suppliers and products that will meet your needs. And the most important thing is to communicate after the shows or not to let the communication break. If you have placed an order at the fair you attended, you can follow these products, or if you have not purchased them, you can contact the supplier and discuss the prices, delivery, and service that are suitable for both parties.

Buying Agents and Offices in Turkey

There are many purchasing agents in Turkey and thanks to these purchasing agents, you can find suppliers from Turkey. Buying agents are the best solution for companies and people who are new to the trade. The reason for this is that such agencies are in contact with many suppliers and allow you to connect with many manufacturers according to the products you want. Purchasing agents will find suppliers for you that are reliable, suitable for your wishes, and produce quality products. You can find purchasing agents through many channels and remember that working with purchasing agents has certain costs. For example, in addition to the costs of the products you buy, they may charge you some percentages. Although this may not seem like a very attractive offer for you at first, it can be of great benefit to you in the long run. At the same time, purchasing agents who contact and find suppliers on your behalf are in contact with the factories on your behalf. That’s why you need to trust your agents in the business agreement and keep in touch with them.

Finding Turkish Suppliers Through

With, finding a supplier for your trade shop is now easier than you think. Those who want to fill their trade stores with the products of suppliers who produce quality products and do their job with professionalism will now be able to do business without difficulty and without worrying about customs procedures. Your sales will increase with the world-renowned dexterity, quality products, and high-performance products of the suppliers in Turkey. You can find suppliers from Turkey through Koytola is an online product sourcing platform. You can see different products, compare prices from different suppliers on this website. You can even compare logistics or shipping rates. Finding door delivery options, best fright rates, best shipping rates and cheapest rates may be a factor decreasing your costs, therefore increasing your profitability.

Although it may seem like a difficult process to find a supplier from Turkey without visiting many tradeshows, you will see that you get successful results if a few points are paid attention to and the process is followed well. You will achieve good results by establishing good communication with suppliers, examining their work carefully, and researching the supplier well. In this process, you must determine what you expect from your supplier and factors such as shipping conditions and share them with your supplier.



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