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International Marketplaces and Cargo Shipments

International Marketplaces and Cargo Shipments One of the most important goals of a company that sells domestically is to be able to sell abroad, thus providing benefits for both the company and the country. The expansion of the marketplace and the opening of products to different user experiences is a point that reshapes the vision […]

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International Marketplaces and Cargo Shipments

One of the most important goals of a company that sells domestically is to be able to sell abroad, thus providing benefits for both the company and the country. The expansion of the marketplace and the opening of products to different user experiences is a point that reshapes the vision and mission of the company and enables it to achieve continuous improvement. It’s important to get feedback from customers in new marketplaces and improve products with that feedback.

One of the most important goals of companies should be to use social media effectively. Appearing in a google search, attracting people from different languages ​​, and creating motivation to click on products are among the first marketing tools. Therefore, websites and social media accounts should produce content in at least one more language. Thus, a new marketplace can be found by creating demand from people abroad.

What kind of path should be followed after the marketplace is found?

First, a field study should be conducted to understand what the marketplace is like and what it demands socioeconomically and geographically.

By creating a user profile, changes can be made to the products according to his needs.

By opening a new social media account for the marketplace, products can be promoted in that language. Thus, it may be possible to reach more people.

It is important to know the e-export principles and act accordingly before the products are sent.

Finally, it is necessary to find a good cargo vehicle for the products to reach the buyers.

We will proceed by explaining the above steps in order to be a guide in the article.

Finding a New Marketplace

For a company that sells in the domestic market, the foreign marketplace is at an uncertain point. Although it is possible to reach a lot of information about that place from social media, field research is at a very different point. Therefore, someone from the company may need to go there to investigate the needs and confirm whether the existing products will be sold. Today, these researches can be supported online through surveys. By collecting and analyzing the data of all these, the development of existing products or the addition of new products can be considered.

Creating a User Profile

The user profile is a representation of the people who will buy and use the product. Especially with some test products, a random user group can be selected in the foreign market, and feedback on their experience with that product can be obtained. Thus, it will be possible to reach more accurate information and a user profile will be created. As a result, a different profile may emerge in the foreign market compared to the domestic market. Therefore, it is much more possible to create a user profile as a result of the first step of research and tests. When creating this profile, the goal is to determine:

What are the user’s needs?

How long will the user use this product?

Do these products appeal to this user profile?

How should we evaluate the comments made about the products?

What kind of changes are made in the products, and continuity can be ensured in the marketplace?

Importance of Social Media in Export

While exporting, the primary goal is to reach and supply the product to people from different geographies. In order for this supply to occur, first of all, the products must be presented to people in some way. Social media is one of the best ways to reach customers when used correctly. Products can be showcased both by advertising and by influencers in that country. Of course, it is possible to reach people naturally, without allocating a budget. The following steps can be followed for this:

Opening a social media account according to the language of the marketplace and posting in that language

Especially on Instagram, to promote products by sharing them with their usage areas through reels.

Sharing posts by paying attention to the days and hours by doing content work

To produce content about the cultural and social activities of the overseas marketplace by paying attention to them.

Delivering products to some customers for that marketplace by giving a raffle

What is e-export?

Export is the sending of existing products from the domestic market to foreign marketplaces. E-export, on the other hand, is a concept expressing that this shipment is made in accordance with the principles of the E-Commerce Customs Declaration (ETGB). In order to comply with these principles, micro-exports must be done basically. In other words, the exported product is less than 300 kg and is worth 15 thousand Euros excluding VAT. Thus, the processes in traditional export are done without the need for micro-export separation.

Definitions such as e-commerce actually mean e-export. Since e-commerce is done in digital ways, it is most commonly done from global product sales sites today. An account is opened on these sites, and the products are put there and delivered to people from the foreign market.

Why E-Export?

E-export is easier and more sustainable than traditional exports. In addition, making money in foreign currency and bringing different currencies to the country is economically very important. Especially since VAT refunds can be obtained, the rate of preference is high. It is at a preferable point for those who are just starting out and want to experiment and aim to expand their companies across borders.

E-export is a type of export that gains more value every day in our country, where simple transactions are carried out quickly and there are many advantages. Another name for micro-export is ETGB, which is mostly used by cargo companies. The most important factor in micro export is to work with the right cargo company because when you work with the right cargo company, you will satisfy the buyer and support the buyer to work with you again. It makes your cargo micro-export more profitable, fast, safe and at the same time cheaper than its competitors.

Delivery of Products by Cargo

The size and structure of the products sold are very important at the point of sending by cargo. The products may be of a fragile nature, as well as they may receive different damages. Small products or starting to export with small products are among the first choices by many companies. It will be important to find a good cargo vehicle for all these processes.

How to Find the Best Cargo for Abroad?

In order to find a cargo that understands and responds to the company’s needs, it would be good to first define your purpose and target audience. In addition to this, a budget should be allocated for sending cargo. It is important that there is a balance between the budget you will allocate to send and what you earn, and that this balance is maintained.

As the Koytola platform, we understand and meet the demands of individuals or companies that want to micro-export in the domestic market in the most accurate way. We ensure that they can create a profile free of charge and introduce their products to the foreign market, as well as complete the cargo stages reliably on the platform.

We provide explanatory guidance at all stages, especially for those who want to start new exports or open their products to foreign markets. Instead of promoting products on global sites and taking very little acceleration, you can choose Koytola, and you can both gain momentum by promoting your products and carrying out the shipping stages. In addition, it is also possible to get a price and budget planning for your existing product by selecting the estimated weight and the point you will send it through our site.

On the buyers’ side, is a sourcing platform where bulk buyers can easily and directly connect with Turkish manufactures and suppliers, a great place for finding niche products manufactured in Europe, private labels, etc. The demand for buying from Turkey increases every day due to top-quality products at affordable prices.

If you have any questions, you can contact us through our website or our contact addresses. By understanding your needs, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

With Koytola, you can take a step towards export!



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