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Mini Importation From Turkey

Many people have recently started importing products over the internet. In this process, they started to search for the best quality and advantageous products in terms of price performance. If you have done some research, you must have seen that Turkey is one of the most advantageous countries when importing products. The mini importation you […]

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Many people have recently started importing products over the internet. In this process, they started to search for the best quality and advantageous products in terms of price performance. If you have done some research, you must have seen that Turkey is one of the most advantageous countries when importing products. The mini importation you want to realize from Turkey may have many product ranges because the product range you can import from Turkey is quite wide. When you do research, you will see that exports in Turkey decreased slightly in 2020 compared to previous years. However, the reason for this decrease was the current pandemic and the resulting decrease in global demand. However, it is an undeniable fact that once it starts to cope with the pandemic, this global demand will increase again and Turkey will export more than before.

Benefits of Mini Imports from Turkey

When we look at the big countries, we can see that the mini importation from Turkey to France, USA, Russia, Germany, and England has increased. There are many opportunities these days to import very good quality products from Turkey. You can take advantage of the product you want to mini import from Turkey by researching and choosing well. Turkey has become increasingly popular for those who want to make mini importation. The reason for this is that Turkey is rising more and more successfully in the data shared every year. Although the products produced in Turkey are of higher quality than in other countries, the price is more affordable. This attracts people’s attention. At the same time, products produced with cheap labor and high dexterity in Turkey are much more advantageous than other products.

What are suitable products for mini importation from Turkey

While vehicle exports constitute 15% of overall exports in Turkey, 25% of Turkey’s exports are made up of manufactured goods. Among the preferences of those who want to make mini importation from Turkey, there are many types of products, including textiles, fabrics, furniture, clothing and ready-made products, accessories, and food.

In 2020, apparel exports in Turkey increased, and we can say that clothing import from Turkey is one of the most preferred mini importation product categories. The biggest customers for clothing export in Turkey are Spain, Germany, and England. In recent years, not only these countries but also big countries such as the Netherlands, France and the USA have started to show their demands globally in Turkish apparel. The apparel sector in Turkey constituted 10.1% of the total exports and this increase is expected to increase gradually. The reason for this is the shipping delays that occur in some countries due to the pandemic.

When you think of mini importation from Turkey, the first product that comes to your mind is undoubtedly furniture. According to the research conducted by World Furniture Outlook in 2020-2021, Turkey’s furniture exports increased by 12% in 2019 compared to other years. Turkey, which was in 14th place before, rise to 8th place with this increase, leaving behind many large and successful countries such as France and Spain. In addition to this, Turkey plans to expand to countries such as Germany, England, France, and the USA in the coming years and to continue its rise. The fact that there is a large workforce in Turkey, the production of quality goods, and the production of good performance products attract the attention of many people.

It may be advantageous for you to import gifts, crafts, and jewelry from Turkey. The reason for this is that Turkey’s gift and jewelry exports of such products reached record levels in 2019, creating a positive situation for 2020 as well. We see that the countries in Turkey’s gift and jewelry export are developed countries such as England, Arab Emirates, the USA, and Hong Kong.

How do I get success in mini importation from Turkey?

Mini importation from Turkey would be a wise and advantageous choice. However, you have to follow some steps to achieve this situation. First of all, you have to supply your products. Once you have decided on the products you want, you must decide from which vendor you want to buy them. It is always better to travel and see and choose the products yourself. In this way, you will see the quality and real state of the products. However, you should not choose products that you are not sure of selling or that you are not sure of their quality and performance. Such products will cause you to waste money and time. The second step is to find your buyers. Although many people worry about finding buyers, you can find buyers with a little work and perseverance. Thanks to the internet, you can communicate with many people and inform your surroundings. Don’t hesitate to get help from blogs that help find buyers and people who work on it. The third step is to understand the basics and develop yourself in export. Understanding the basics of import and export and improving yourself in these areas is the part of this job that brings you the closest to success. The more you know about the trade, the better you can steer your own business and make fast and accurate decisions.

Import Small Quantities from Turkey Through

Making mini imports from Turkey is now very easy via is a platform where those who want to wholesale micro-export meet with buyers and it is not necessary to establish a company to be on this platform. It is a great advantage that the customs procedures that buyers or shipments think about the most are easily handled with cargo companies. selects Turkey’s best, quality, and high-performance products for you and brings you together with professional manufacturers. You can find suppliers from Turkey through Koytola is an online product sourcing platform. You can compare prices from different suppliers on this website. You can even compare logistics or shipping rates. Finding door delivery options, best fright rates, best shipping rates and cheapest rates is very easy here. It will be very advantageous for you to make micro importation from Turkey and to do this importation through You can contact us for more information.



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